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Rack Mount KVM

Rack Mount KVM
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£917 Low cost solution for a rackmount, keyboard and mouse and 17" monitor.
Rack Mount KVM is is a 1U rack mountable KVM console drawer with an optional back-mounted 16 port KVM switch. This easy-glide KVM console drawer contains a 17" LCD monitor
1-U (1.75) 16 port KVM , 17 LCD
Takes 85% less space and requires 80% less ventilation than a standard keyboard, monitor and mouse
17 LCD panel
Quick and easy installation
Front panel conceals unit when it is not in use
Heavy duty keyboard and touch screen mouse
Full size keyboard allows typing in comfort
Monitor has OSD and front panel controls for easy adjustment
105-key keyboard standard keyboard optional
Movable front panel provides additional comfort during data entry
Optional DC power supply
Optional 8 port kvm switch comes with 8 sets of kvm cables
Optional 16 port kvm switch comes with 16 sets of kvm cables


1U AND 2U Rackmount Keyboards



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