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8 Port KVM

8 Port KVM
  • 1 Console Connections
  • 16 Computer Connections
  • PS/2 Keyboard Port Type
  • VGA Monitor Port Type
  • PS/2 Mouse Port Type
  • External AC Power Supply
  • Mounting Rackmountable
  • Monitor Resolution Support Up to 1920 x 1440
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14 days Delivery
Price Description  
£182 1U 17" LCD & Keyboard
This switch enables a user to operate and control eight computers from one keyboard, mouse and monitor. The switch features slim and 19 Rack Mountable design that offers you a cost effective and space saving solution. It supports all Models (Basic, Advanced and Professional), fitting different applications and cascading together to expand the control capacity on 128 computers (max.).
A single console controls up to 16 computers
Daisy chain up To 31 additional units - Control up to 512 computers from a single console
Auto-Sensing of station position on daisy chained installations - No need for manual DIP switch setting - Front panel LED indicates station position
port names automatically reconfigured when station sequence is changed
No software required - Convenient computer selection via intuitive on screen display (OSD) menus
AutoScan feature for monitoring user-selected computers
Hot pluggable - Add or remove computers without having to power down the switch
Two level password security - Only authorized users view and control the computers - Up to four users plus an administrator - Separate profiles for each


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