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Waterproof Mouse

waterproof mouse Supply and guarantee
14 days Delivery
Price Description  
£97 Truly resilient keyboard specifically designed to use in hazardous environments with built-in mouse.
Fully sealed IP64 2 button Waterproof Mouse for Medical, Industrial and Marine applications. The Waterproof Mouse is both USB and PS/2 and can be made in many colors. This waterproof and chemical resistant mouse can be disinfected with a variety of liquids including alcohol, 10% Bleach solutions, and CIDEX.

The waterproof Mouse feels like a standard optical mouse. You can feel the mouse button click, but there are no openings so the mouse can be cleaned.

Weight : 142g (5.0oz)
Dimensions : 106 x 61 x 32mm (4.2 x 2.4 x 1.3 inch )
Cable length : 1.83m (6.0 feet )
Storage temperature : -20C up to 70C (-4F up to 158F )
Operating temperature : 0C up to 70C (32 F up to 158F )
Resistance : IP 65(protected against water-jet streams) and IP 67
(protected against intermittent submersion in water)
Platform : windows and Mac
Color : White or Blue
Compliance : CE, FCC


1U AND 2U Rackmount Keyboards



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